Top Reasons You Will Want To Have Commercial Floor Tiles In Your Business

When it comes to an office or commercial space, high foot traffic is to be expected and thus you will want to have more than durable flooring. A recommended option for this would be materials like vinyl or cement commercial flooring, each material having its own benefits as flooring. For something that is both functional and versatile in style though, cement commercial flooring would work well for your business. While there is a wide selection of floor tiles that you can choose from, you’ll find that there are different benefits that cement commercial floor tiles can bring to your business.

What Commercial Floors Tiles Can Provide

A cement flooring in comparison to other types of flooring like ceramic is a hard floor tile that involves a mixture of cement, sand, colour pigments, and powdered minerals. As a durable and hard-wearing material, it is suitable for different commercial spaces including a restaurant, boutique, hotel, resort, café, and office building. Given the versatility of cement commercial flooring tiles, there are also other benefits to be found with this type of tile that include the following:

Variety in Style Options

Cement tiling offers a large range of colours, patterns, textures, and designs. With its versatility in use and selection in styles, you have the option to have these tiles in a number of different designs including geometric designs, mosaic, and floral patterns.

Easy to Renovate/Replace

With any business, it is inevitable that there are certain changes needed to keep up with any competition or to ensure that the commercial space is up to date. What makes concrete commercial floor tiles so good in this situation is that they are easy to remove and re-install with either new tiles in the same pattern, or an entirely new look.


As a material that is made with a fortifying mixture of cement, sand, and aggregate, you can be assured that cement commercial floor tiles will be able to stand well against heavy traffic and regular usage.


With commercial spaces like restaurants and cafes, water-resistant tiles like cement tiles are highly recommended. Overall though, cement tiles can combat water damage and the issues that come with them including cracks, mould, and mildew growth.


Whatever business you may have, whether it is a pet grooming business, a pet daycare centre, or a busy restaurant or retail boutique, a scratch-resistant tile like cement would work best. From shoes to carts, clothing racks, and even luggage, having a cement commercial flooring tile can prevent any scratches from all of this.

Sturdiness Against Heavy Foot Traffic

Heavy foot traffic is inevitable for any commercial space and results in lots of wear and tear that wear off the colour and veneer of other materials. By using cement tiles, you will not have to worry about any wear and tear since the colouring of cement tiles is not on the surface of the tile, it’s not worn off or faded easily by heavy traffic, vehicles, or direct sunlight.

Easy to Maintain

Given how much can go on in a commercial space, flooring can easily face different marks, stains, or dirt. Cement tiles can make for a smart investment for your business since their sleek surface makes cleaning dirt, water, and dust a simple task. Not only can commercial cement floor tiles be convenient for your office space, but they can also be cost-effective

How Dandenong Tiling Can Help With Commercial Floor Tiles

While there are a number of benefits that you can gain with cement commercial floor tiling, there are also other materials you can consider for your commercial space floors. If you are unsure whether a cement tile would work for you, having a professional service group to consult would be highly recommended. With the many different services available to meet your tiling needs, one service you will want to consider is Dandenong Tiling.

When choosing Dandenong Tiling, you can be guaranteed quality artistry, efficient workers, and most importantly, superior results and services. If you are unsure about what would be the best option for your commercial space floors, Dandenong Tiling can provide a range of choices and quality consultation. Among the different services you can consider for your tiling needs, Dandenong Tiling is something to have on your list.


Commercial spaces can face all kinds of traffic and because of this, the flooring can undergo plenty of wear and tear. Because of this, you will want to have durable flooring like tile to ensure a durable and stylish material for your business space. Commercial floor tiles can provide different benefits from variety in style to low maintenance, and thus makes for a convenient and cost-effective feature for your business space.

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